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Why should we choose Hickory BBQ & Grill over another caterer?

Best catered food in the Metro Detroit Area. Our meat is always served hot and fresh. Our staff is helpful and highly professional. An excellent reputation built on repeat clients and their referrals. Hickory BBQ & Grill is a privately-owned family operation. We offer a unique onsite mobile catering experience; meaning we bring our 21 foot grill/smoker to your party. We have a diverse menu to choose from. We have gained a reputation for serving the highest quality food, which is served right from our grill/smoker. We work with local suppliers and vendors to ensure that all ingredients are fresh at the time of your event.

Do you cater more than BBQ?

Yes, our menu online has bbq as well as traditional catering items. If you have questions regarding something that is not on our menu online please contact us anytime.

What is the Deposit for Reserving an Event?

Once your menu is decided, we require 50% deposit and a signed contract. The signed quote ensures that you’ve reviewed all detail and approve everything you’ve read.

What Address Should I Mail My Payment?

8639 Heatherset Drive. Brighton, MI 48114. Checks made payable to Hickory BBQ & Grill. We accept all major credit cards.

What Happens to My Leftover Food?

All food that is remaining on the buffet after your event will be left for you in labeled and covered disposable aluminum pans.

What Determines the Cost of My Event?

The size of your party, the menu selected, the location of your party, and any special requests will determine the price.
All of our clients have found that our prices are comparable to what other mobile caterers offer; and our food, service, and attention to detail is unsurpassed.
NOTE: Being a mobile caterer means that we come onsite with all your food in the smoker to ensure hot and fresh food vs traveling with food only in hot boxes.

How Much Time Do You Need for Set Up?

This time varies for all events; but average time is approximately 1 hour prior to your selected serving time. This allows us ample time to set up our equipment, and the buffet table.
Note: Please allow us a 10-15 minute serving window for larger parties.

How long will you be here?

For most parties we will stay onsite until all your guests have been served. We do have a formula in which 100 people includes 1 hour of serving time (200 people = 2 hours and so on). But we also offer the option of adding additional serving time on to any contract. If your event has a short time frame, we can feed groups of 200 in under an hour.

Do you charge a gratuity fee?

Onsite service includes an 18% gratuity fee. Delivery service includes a 10% gratuity fee.
All gratuities are distributed to the entire staff who assist in making your event successful; from the preparation and packing before your event, to the onsite/delivery staff during your event and finally the tear-down and clean-up after your event.

How much space do you need for your smoker/grill and equipment?

With the truck included, we do need enough space to safely pull in and park at your event. It is also important that we have ample room to leave after your guests are fed and happy!
***Parking Length 45 feet & Parking Width 10 feet & Parking Height 8 feet***
Please be assured that we do our utmost to treat your property as if it were our own!

Why does that meat look under-cooked?

What you are seeing is the smoke ring. Our slow smoked meats are always well done and tender. Most smoked foods will have a pink to light red tint…including chicken. This shows that the food was cooked “low and slow” and not rushed. For health reasons, we always make sure our meats are properly cooked through. This is the same reason we do not offer rare hamburgers- the choice is done, or well done only!

What If We Get Inclement Weather?

Hickory BBQ & Grill is a rain or shine operation! For outdoor events, please make alternate arrangements for an indoor serving and eating area. This being Michigan we often cannot anticipate the weather, as it is so unpredictable. So if it rains or snows do not worry – we will still provide you with fabulous food in a timely manner.

Where can we have our party?

Just about anywhere our mobile BBQ can travel. We have done events at many local parks, city recreational centers (indoor and outdoor), as well as many corporate business locations and many residences.

Can I change my menu or guest count?

If you would like to change your menu or the guest count, we will try our best to accommodate your needs. Menu changes 1 month deadline. Guest count 2 week deadline.

What happens if my event draws fewer guests than planned?

We are happy to provide our great food and services for any size event. Parties with a guest count of less than 100 people cost more per person when having us onsite for full service. If you have booked Hickory BBQ & Grill for our full service onsite catering, there is no downgrading of services to a delivery without a penalty within the 90-day window.

Can I change my date?

This would depend on availability. All of our dates and customers are very important to us. When we reserve your special day, it gives you the confidence to know we will be there for your event. It also prevents us from booking another party on that day and losing other business opportunities

What is the maximum distance Hickory BBQ will travel?

We will go just about anywhere, but know that travel fees, etc would be included in the cost of your event if it is outside our standard 40 mile radius.

What is the charge to cater an event?

Charges are determined by the menu selected and the anticipated number of people. At Hickory BBQ & Grill we will always work hard to customize a catering package that works within your budget. Menu content, location, service style, length of time, and the design of your event determine the final price. Please email for more information.

Do you do more than grill?

Yes, we offer far more than grilled and smoked foods. Our menu has many different options, from vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.

Do I need to have a set budget before calling to book a catered event?

Having a budget in mind when calling is always a good idea. It allows us to know how to better customize a catering package to fit your needs. We are always happy to work within your budget and make sure your event is a success. If you do not have a set budget in mind, we would be happy to discuss a number of different packages with you to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

How far in advance should I book my event to lock in my date?

It is never too soon to reserve your date. However, do not hesitate to call about prices and availability at any time. Contact Michelle

What if I'm Tax Exempt?

All we need is your tax exempt letter showing the EIN#.

Are you licensed and insured?

Hickory BBQ & Grill is a licensed full-service catering company. We carry business liability insurance and are Serv-Safe certified.

Is there a cancellation fee once we have reserved a date and signed a contract?

Cancellation Policy: If a Client has to postpone a scheduled event, Hickory BBQ shall make every reasonable effort to reschedule the event for a $150 change order fee. In the event a Client has to cancel or substantially downgrade an event more than 90 days prior to the date of the event, there shall be no additional charge and the Deposit shall be returned. In the event Client cancels less than 90 but more than 60 days prior to the event, Hickory BBQ shall be entitled to twenty-five percent (25%) of the contract price and shall return half of the Deposit. In the event Client cancels less than 60 days prior to the event, Hickory BBQ shall be entitled to fifty percent (50%) of the contract price and shall retain the Deposit. Refunds will be paid within 60 days of cancellation.

Can I Sample Your Delicious Food First?

Tastings are an important part of the planning process … Tastings are based around your proposed menu and we can accommodate up to 6 people per appointment. All tastings are by appointment, paid in full and in advanced of the scheduled date. The per person charge varies according to the menu selection of the tasting. When your event is secured with a deposit, a refund of the tasting, for the bride and groom only, will be reimbursed 50% with the amount credited on the catering contract.

Do you Provide Alcoholic Beverage service?

No, we are not licensed and insured to provide this service. All additional licensing and applicable laws are to be observed by the event host.

I just want an informal BBQ, not a fully catered event. Can you do that?

Absolutely.  We offer three servicing options; (1) full service onsite (2) delivery (3) pickup.

Full service includes staff for set-up, serving and buffet area tear down.  

Delivery service is professional in that our food is delivered to you hot and fresh and placed orderly on the buffet table(s).  
Pick-up service is an option if you have the means travel with the food safely (flat surfaces are required).  The pans of food are hot and can be dirty from the smoker grates.

IMPORTANT:  For delivery & pickup service, the customer is responsible for setting up and preparing the buffet area.  If food will be setting out for an extended period of time, chafing dishes and sternos are required for the hot food (>165°F) and for the cold food, ice is recommended (<40°F).

What if I want to only order meat or only side dishes for my party?

We offer some of our most popular food items (meats & sides) à la carte style. Contact Michelle for pricing We are also happy to assist you with ordering quantities that are most appropriate for your guest count and event.

Can I Sample Your Delicious Food First?

Tastings are an important part of the planning process. Tastings are based around your proposed menu and we can accommodate up to 6 people (minimum 2 people). All tastings are by appointment and paid in full and in advanced of the scheduled date. The per-person charge varies according to the menu selection.
When your event is secured with a deposit, a credit of the bride’s tasting fee will be reflected on the events catering contract.
NOTE: For a more casual style tasting of our most popular menu items, we offer pick-up option. These mini tasting pans serve approximately 4 people. ***A GREAT DINNER OPTION***
Please contact Michelle for more information

How do I get more information?

You can submit a quote request right from our website
Or you can email Michelle, Hickory BBQ’s Event Coordinator
***provide date of your event, type of event and if you wish to have onsite or delivery service***

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